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What To Know About Heat Pump Repairs

What To Know About Heat Pump Repairs

If your home in Fairfield County has a heat pump installed, you will need heat pump repairs on occasion and should also look into having your heat pump heater maintained. A heat pump is a cooling and heating system which is made of an indoor and outdoor unit. You may have a furnace and air conditioner or just an air conditioner and heat pump. If something goes wrong with one part, it will affect the other. This is the most common type of cooling system and is also a central air system. Although the term “heat pump” sounds like it is just a heating system, it does include the air conditioning equipment which will need repair during the warmer months.

Heat pumps need a tune-up twice per year, once just before you need to use the air conditioner and once before you need the heating system. This helps you to avoid repairs. Heat pump problems can potentially cause high utility bills before the problem is realized. Here are some tips on how to spot problems and what you should know about heat pump repairs.

Most Common Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pump won’t turn on – This would most likely be a problem with the thermostat or the unit receiving power. Check the main breaker to see if it tripped. Also, check the breaker located near the outside unit.

Strange sounds – Grinding and squealing sounds can mean the motor bearings are worn. Rattling is most often due to a grille (register) out of place or loose hardware which is a simple fix. A heat pump repair technician will need to determine the cause of grinding or squealing sounds.

Air isn’t cool enough – This will need the attention of a heat pump repair technician. It is likely due to an improper level of refrigerant.

High-Efficiency Heat Pumps Replacement

The replacement of your heat pump or other heating equipment may be the right thing to do. There is always a time when it’s better to replace your heating system than to continue paying for repairs on problems that won’t go away.

Every machine will eventually need to be replaced, which is true for your heat pump, boiler, gas heater, and other types. High-Efficiency Heat Pumps may be the solution to your replacement needs because they work very efficiently.

If you are a homeowner who wishes to change out your gas or other fuel fed heating system to an electric system, Steve Basso Plumbing, Heating & AC, LLC can help you assess the system to determine whether it can be replaced with a high-efficiency heat pump.

If your home’s configuration will allow it, we can help you find the right heat pump and install it for you. We specialize in the sales and installations of high-efficiency heat pumps in the Fairfield County area and can repair your heat pump when needed.

Fairfield County Heat Pump Repairs

You can count on the experts at Steve Basso Plumbing, Heating & AC, LLC for all your Heat Pump Repairs in Fairfield County, CT. We can also help to reduce your home’s energy costs related to your utility expenses by maintaining the heat pump system. Proper maintenance ensures it is operating at peak efficiency.

When we make repairs on your heat pump, we don’t just quickly fix a part and leave. We thoroughly troubleshoot the equipment to find the cause of the problem. We ensure your system is running right and do our best to check out other obvious problems that could be causing your heat pump to break down.

Our qualified, educated and experienced HVAC technicians offer you the best in high-quality services. We repair all types of heating and cooling systems including older heat pump systems and new high-efficiency heat pumps. Whether we are making repairs or maintaining your heat pump, you’ll have a technician who is well educated and skilled to handle the repairs.

If you are looking for a Fairfield plumber or HVAC contractor, please call us today at 203-335-0224 or complete our online request form for an in-home consultation.