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Furnace Tune Up Ensures a Properly Heated New Haven Home Throughout the Winter Season

Furnace Tune Up Ensures a Properly Heated New Haven Home Throughout the Winter Season

A properly heated New Haven home provides its occupants a comfortable experience throughout the cold and chilly winter season. But if for some reason the heating system fails to heat up the home properly, it is sure to bring discomfort to the residents. An inefficient furnace is one of the reasons for this problem a furnace tune up before the onset of winter can dramatically improve the efficiency and performance of the HVAC system. The time to call your New Haven heating and air conditioning contractor is now!

The furnace repair should be done on a yearly basis to prevent a breakdown during winter. It is a good practice to do the furnace tune-up so that during the peak loads in winter it provides the right heating comfort. This will ensure reduced energy and maintenance cost in the long term. If the occupants feel that the interior of the home is cold, they should get their furnace checked and repaired by a professional technician or contractor.

Furnace problems can also lead to humidity issues. For health sake it is important to maintain the right humidity levels in the New Haven home. Too much humidity causes mold growth, which is a health hazard. The wooden interiors also swell and get damaged. On the other hand, too little humidity causes health problems like skin irritation due to dryness, sore throat and itchy eyes. Hence a furnace tune up is needed to keep away the health related troubles from the home.

A proper furnace repair before the winter season also ensures that the duct work is cleaned up of all the deposits, allergens, dust and other harmful particles from the system. If they are allowed to stay there, they will be circulated throughout the home and in process cause health complication like allergies, breathing problems and other pollution related complications. Thus a furnace tune-up may include duct cleaning and sealing to ensure a pollution free home that is properly heated through out the winter. Cleaning and sealing the ducts can also be a big energy saver as studies have shown an average leakage rate of 35% in residential HVAC systems.

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