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Why Do I Keep Getting Clogged Plumbing Drains In My Shower?

Why Do I Keep Getting Clogged Plumbing Drains In My Shower?

One of the drains we clean the most in our customers homes is the shower drain. It seems to be a frustrating fact that these drains tend to get clogged over and over again, which may seem strange to you if you don’t understand how some debris works once it gets in your drains.

Debris shouldn’t ever go down in your Fairfield plumbing drains, except the appropriate materials in your commode that you need to flush. In the shower, there’s no other debris that should go down your drain except the used water.

Unfortunately, a couple of materials do wind up down in the drain when anyone takes a shower. But what really makes the continual clog is how these materials behave once washed down.

The two most common items found in the shower drain, over and over again, are soap and hair. Little slivers of left over soap along with a little hair is all you need to get a nice, hard stuck clog that has to be cleared professionally if let go too far. When pulled up, it appears to be a wadded mess of hair and goo that’s disgusting.

You don’t want any of this material to create a clog and water back up, especially since the water backs up WHILE you’re having to stand in it. So how do you avoid this type of shower clog?

Well, you can’t stop washing your hair and you can’t keep it from falling out. But understanding that it’s going to get down there no matter how you try to keep it out is important, and understanding how it acts while it’s there is also important because then you can avoid it clinging to other materials that don’t belong.

The soap remains are actually what will end up creating a problem, plus hair that’s not cleared out regularly will only add to the problem. Soap may be soft when it’s down to the last little sliver, but it hardens as soon as it dries making its shape fit the drain line. But the problem isn’t just with that, because it gets caught by any hair as well that’s already in your Fairfield drainlines.

Hair catches things easily because of the shape of the hair shaft. It’s actually shaped like fish scales, so when rubbed or it comes into contact with other objects, the scales spike a little, making it cling to surfaces. It’s the same as rubbing a fish one direction vs. the other. In one direction it feels smooth, in the opposite your fingers stick and you’ll get cut.

This means you get a mess of hair and debris continually caught in your shower drains, which also means it’s important to keep an eye on the drainlines and ensure you’re doing what you can to remove any hair that gets caught. Get a good drain catcher and keep it clean and eliminate the bar soap and you should do fine for long term Fairfield clog free drains.

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