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Fairfield Water FiltrationAs the ability of New Haven and Fairfield County cities to offer potable, safe and good-tasting water has declined, we all have become more conscious of water taste, safety and contamination. The wide availability of safe bottled water has made us more critical of the water that comes out of the tap. It is the goal of our company to provide our customers with filtered water that meets or exceeds the quality and taste of bottled water.

At Steve Basso Plumbing, Heating & A/C our Fairfield plumbers work on your water treatment needs by providing quality water filtration systems for addressing hard water, acidic water or even excess iron. Our Fairfield water filtration services will provide you with clean, healthy water for your family and home. Our professional water filtration specialists offer a variety of products and water treatment services to give you and your family an uninterrupted flow of pure, clean water. From whole house water filtration systems to designing and installing a water filter to correct a problem at a single source, such as the kitchen sink, you can rely on Steve Basso Plumbing, Heating & A/C to recommend only what you really need for your water quality concerns.

Why You Should Be Concerned About the Quality of Water Coming from Your Tap:

  • Each day, millions of Americans turn on their taps and get water that exceeds the legal limits for dangerous contaminants, according to a US Today, Special Report: “How Safe Is Your Water?”
  • Municipal water treatment is primarily set up for disinfection rather water purification.
  • "Only 50 of the more than 60,000 water treatment facilities in the United States have modern equipment that can effectively remove toxic chemicals." [Source: Debra Lynn Dadd, Nontoxic, natural, and Earthwise (Tarcher/Perigee, 1990),41.]
  • According to the EPA, “Every home in America has an elevated level of chloroform gas present due to the vaporization of chlorine...from tap and shower water.”

Improve the quality of water being supplied to your home by contact your local Fairfield plumber, Steve Basso, today for more information on our water purifiers, water filtration systems, water filters, water softeners, and other water treatment products and services.

Services Our Fairfield Water Filtration Contractors Offer

  • Water Filtration
  • Water Purification
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Water Purifiers
  • Water Filters
  • Fairfield Water Filtration
  • New Haven Water Filtration
  • Water Softeners
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Filtration in Fairfield, CT
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We Provide Water Filtration Systems in the Following Towns in Connecticut

Fairfield County - Bridgeport, CT | Norwalk, CT | Shelton, CT | Stamford Plumber, CT | Darien, CT | Easton, CT | Fairfield, CT | Greenwich, CT | Monroe, CT | And More

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"Steve Basso Plumbing has been servicing all my plumbing needs since they installed my boiler heating/hot water system back in 2009.

They always answere the phone and are there for you. They are polite and respectful and professional.

Even when called on late in the day they were at my house with in an hour or two.

They take the time to explain and answere any questions you may have.

They also are clean and neat and do a top notch job.

I'm very happy with all their work and highly recommend them."

| Rated: 3 / 3

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If you are looking for a Fairfield Water Filtration contractor, please call us today at 203-335-0224 or 203-852-7144 or complete our online request form for an in-home consultation.