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Your Guardian Air Desktop Air Purifier HVAC Contractor

Guardian Air Desktop Air Purifier HVAC ContractorIf you have been looking for the best desktop air purifier for your Fairfield home or office, you'll be interested in The Guardian Air Desktop Air Purifier from Steve Basso Plumbing, Heating & A/C. We are a local indoor air quality specialist who installs quality-made products that really work. We know you'll love having a desktop purifier that's convenient, powerful, and reliable.

RGF manufactures the residential one-room Guardian Air Desktop Air Purifier which is only available through licensed HVAC Contractors like us. As professional Fairfield plumbers and HVAC contractors since 1974, Steve Basso Plumbing, Heating & A/C has a number of great solutions for your home. If you would like to learn more about the Guardian Air Desktop Air Purifier, please feel free to call us. Until then, here are some of the important features of this top of the line desktop air purifier.

Easily Portable From Room To Room

One of the reasons we love the Guardian Air Desktop Air Purifier is that it's really easy to move from room to room. It uses a standard 115-volt outlet, so it can be plugged in anywhere. This desktop air purifier stands on its own, so it can sit on any horizontal surface. A desk, side table, or breakfast table is the perfect height for the unit, but you can also set it on the floor to quickly remove some of those pet odors from the carpeting. Here are some ways you can use this portable air purifier:

  • Reduce kitchen cooking odors
  • Control pet odors
  • Control stinky shoe smells
  • Eliminate mold and musty smells
  • Deodorize and sanitize bathrooms
  • Purify smoke odors
  • Sanitize basements
  • Improve dorm room air quality

The Technology Behind The Guardian Air Desktop Air Purifier

RGF® Environmental Group has patented a PHI-Cell® technology which is a pivotal improvement in air sanitizing and decontamination processes. Have you heard of UV lights for the HVAC system? This incredible technology allows the desktop unit to purify the indoor air of your home in the same way. UV light kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, mold, and dust mites. It also eliminates odors. The Guardian Air Desktop Air Purifier passes the air taken from the room through a broad spectrum UV lamp which is completely encased and safe inside the unit. When the air leaves the desktop air purifier, it's been scrubbed clean.

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For more information about Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Fairfield, CT, please call Steve Basso Plumbing, Heating & A/C at 203-335-0224 or 203-852-7144 or complete our online request form for an in-home consultation.